Automotive Tinting Packages

"Cost of the solar film are base on InfraRed Rejection(IRR)."
The higher the IRR(heat rejection)the higher the cost.

No obligation!!Come and test out our full range of Automotive’s Solar Films

When you are here in our installation centre,before anything start,we will do a products demo with you and you can actually feel and read the different effect on different kind of grade(solar film).Again,most importantly,all films will be measured by an IR Transmission meter on the spot to ensure you get the actual IRR.By then you should have know better which grade is more comfortable to yourself.

All tinting packages will cover all windows,front ,rear w/screen and anti-glare and even the sun-roof (Additional charges apply).

- 36 choices of colours:
- Visible Light Transmission(VLT)Available:
From 05%-89%
- UVR : Ultra Violet Rejection. (all pkgs are 99%)
- IRR : Infra Red Rejection/Solar Heat Reject
- All automotive tinting packages are LTA compliant.
- ALL IRR are GENIUNE and will be measured on the spot!!


Tintsy Classic
VLT : 25% - 89%
UVR : 99%
IRR : <45%
5 years full warranty. - Nano-Ceramic Technology

Tintsy Premium
VLT : 25% - 89%
UVR : 99%
IRR : 60%-70%
7 year full warranty. - Nano-Ceramic Technology

Tintsy Platinum
VLT : 25% - 85%
UVR : 99%
IRR : 70%-80%
10 years full warranty. - Nano-Ceramic Technology

The only film to achieve 99% of Infra-Red rejection!!
High superior scratch-resistance.High visibly and clarity.
Life-time transferable warranty.

Tintsy Platinum Plus
VLT : 30% - 80%
UVR : 99%
IRR : 92%/63%-99%
Life-Time warranty. - Nano-Ceramic Technology

Tintsy Platinum 99
VLT : 30% - 80%
UVR : 99%
IRR : 99%/90%-99%
Life-Time warranty. - Nano-Ceramic Technology





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*Both Platinum + & Platinum 99’s performance,which mean the clarity and solar heat rejection are better than any make or brand in the market*

Important!!Do not buy unproven IRR's Film..

"ALL IRR(Heat) will be Measured, Tested & Proved by IR Transmission METER on the spot!!"

meter testing